Useful Atom Plugins

Posted by wojtek on August 2, 2015 in Development

Second part of my favorite plugins.

Clipboard History

First and probably most useful from this list. Keeps history of things are pasted to clipboard. Usage Cmd+Shift+V

Install: apm install clipboard-history
Plugin link:

Atom Alignment

If you’re fan of nicely aligned code, easy to read variable assertions like and you want go get it automatically just install this plugin:

$a   = null;
$aa  = null;
$aaa = null;

Install: apm install atom-alignment
Plugin link:

Change Case

Another useful plugin, helps changing case. Some of available transformations:

  • camel
  • constant
  • dot
  • lower
  • param
  • path
  • snake
  • swap
  • upper

Install: apm install change-case
Plugin link:


Makes web developers life easier. I was writing about it a years ago Emmet (in polish).

Install: apm install emmet
Plugin link:

Local History

Local history of changes to files, especially helpful for for thing you’re not using any version control system.

Install: apm install local-history
Plugin link:

Project Manager

A little bit of IDE in Atom

Install: apm install project-manager
Plugin link:

Color Gutter

Want to see colors while typing them? Color Gutter will change font color of color code to be actual color.

Install: apm install color-gutter
Plugin link:

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