My Projects

Always trying to make things better...

Please take a note that this list is showing only public available projects which are just a small part of my experience

PHP Libraries

PHP Foundation

  • Top level library with all base stuff that other projects are build on
  • Base simple contracts (ex. Entity, Arrayable, Persistable, Repository) allowing the ability to define some top level characteristics of a class
  • AbstractEntity support for plain entities automated setters (with type hinting) and getters as well as internal factory and serialization toArray()
  • Top level Exceptions set
  • Automated Adviser stack including rules and condition objects. Conditions are defined as bitwise values so can be combined together. Automated Advice processor implementation and advice and risk objects
  • Bitwise Property to support bitwise solutions
  • Repository: PayBreak/foundation
  • Based on concept of wnowicki/generic abandoned

PHP Math

RPC Server

  • Set of RPC tools allowing to handle request, response, validation and actions for API
  • Can be used as a micro API framework handling requests see demo
  • Repository: PayBreak/rpc

API Client

  • API Client with abstracted request pre-processor and response post-processor as well as some ready to use implementations
  • Repository: PayBreak/api-client

PayBreak Basket

  • An open source integration with finance provider PayBreak
  • Based on Laravel v5.1, using PayBreak SDK, Foundation and API Client
  • Repository: PayBreak/basket (discontinued)

Luhn Algorithm

Older Projects


PHP Video Course

  • YouTube PHP course in polish
  • Currently under construction
  • Link to website: PHP w Praktyce